Ordor Control & Removal 




Keep Your Home Inviting with Odor Control & Removal

It’s no secret that we can get use to the smells we’re surrounded by daily. With our odor-removal process we make sure that isn’t happening in your home. You won’t have to worry about scaring your guests away, or even living in an unhealthy environment when you call Lucy’s.

We Safely Clean Odor Causing Bacteria, Keeping Your Home’s Air Quality Safe for Your Family

We often think about the air quality in commercial buildings, but we don’t always consider our own home’s air quality. Yet, bad odors can be a sign of a more dangerous problem. Mold, mildew, and unhealthy air particles often have an odor to them. It’s important to identify and remove any bad odor in your home to prevent the cause from spreading and to keep you and your family healthy.


We Don’t Mask the Smell, We Properly Identify and Fix the Odor Problems in Your Home

Because we’re trained, experienced cleaners we know the proper process for odor removal. Not even hard to remove odors caused by pet urine and musty, water damage are too much for us. We will tackle the problem to eliminate it without simply masking the problem with deodorizers and perfumes.


Our IICRC Trained Staff Won’t Run from Those Bad Smells, They’ll Eliminate Them

We are highly trained and skilled at what we do and we’re proud of it. We know how to identify the source and remove it properly, keeping you from dealing with it again and again. Our extensive experience and training ensures we’ll tackle the problem properly, the first time.

All Our Staff are Insured and Bonded, Keeping Both You and Your Home Safe

There’s no need to worry about your belongings when our trusted company enters your home. All our staff are insured so you won’t be left paying for any accidental damage. Bonded means the onus is on us for our staff’s actions, Lucy’s Cleaning Service and not you, the home owner.

We Use High Quality, Safe Products in Your Home So Your Air Quality Is Improved Not Hindered

Your safety is important to us, that’s why we use the best products and we use them properly. We aim to create a safer, cleaner environment for you to live in, without the risk of extensive harmful cleaning chemicals. 

Your Time Isn’t Wasted with Our Fast and Thorough Service

Our extensive experience in odor removal and cleaning means we can identify the root cause quickly. Our IICRC training, and on-the-job training means we’ve seen it all and cleaned it all. No matter what the cause, or how nasty it is, we will thoroughly and safely clean it.

We Have a Great Selection of Odor Removing Products and Knowledge

We’ve been in the business long enough to know what products work best for each unique situation. We keep a great selection of cleaning products for the safe removal of odor causing bacteria and debris. So, no matter what the cause we have the means and knowledge to clean it right.