Detailed Post Construction Cleaning in Calgary and Area



Renovations can transform a space, but the mess they leave behind requires a trained eye to clean

Home improvement projects are exciting – they make use of an awkward space by creating a functional and useable one and they update your home with modern touches. But the mess they leave behind can be overwhelming, and the dust produced from saws or sanding will creep into every nook and cranny in your home. The last step to any home renovation is detailed and thorough cleaning that allows you and your family to fully enjoy the new space.

Our experienced cleaners execute thorough cleaning with state-of-the-art tools and cleaning products

We make sure we clean every square inch to get every bit of dust the first time around, so you won’t find yourself chasing dust around the house for months afterwards. Without a trained eye it can be easy to overlook areas of your home but our cleaners know what to look for and where to make sure nothing is missed.


We respect your home – our cleaners are all background-checked to ensure your safety and privacy

Each of our cleaners are rigorously screened with identity and criminal checks and thoroughly interviewed to make sure they are a great fit for our company so you never have to worry about letting us into your home.

We take care of the entire mess so you don’t have to hire anybody else

Dust tends to settle everywhere in the home and that includes your furniture. Couches and chairs act as great absorbers for dust particles that are made airborne after the smallest disruption. Not only do we clean the floors, walls and hard surfaces, we also clean all upholstery and fabric so there won’t be any floating dust particles after we leave.

We are time sensitive and strive to return your home to a clean, fresh state as quickly as possible

We understand that your home renovation probably took a lot out of you. They usually take up quite a bit of time and by the end, you’re just wanting your home back. That’s why the cleaners at Lucy’s ensure they complete your post-construction cleaning within a time limit, allowing you to fully enjoy your home’s new features quickly after the renovations wrap up.