High Quality Pressure Washing Services in Calgary and Area


Highly-trained cleaning technicians ensure your building is effectively cleaned without damaging any materials

When you hire Lucy’s to clean your commercial property you will never have to worry about an un-skilled technician damaging the more delicate materials on your property such as siding, eavestrough and gutters. Our technicians are experienced and can easily identify delicate materials without sacrificing a thorough and deep clean.

Pressure Washing


Advanced pressure washers make your home exterior look new again

Lucy’s uses only the most advance pressure washing technologies to ensure maximum clean, without damaging delicate or brittle siding. Our high-pressured washers can cut through even the toughest dirt and stains to leave behind a clean and fresh surface.

Our attention to detail does not falter with our pressure washing services

Many cleaning contractors who offer pressure cleaning services charge a pretty penny to basically wet the outside of your home/office. Our cleaners make sure that stuck on dirt and stubborn cobwebs are all cleaned away to make your exterior look fresh while prolonging its’ structural strength.

Maintain a professional image for your business with a clean and presentable exterior

Whether you own a retail store or a professional office building, it is important for your guests and clients to get a great first impression. By maintaining a clean exterior with seasonal pressure washing, you are more likely to attract more customers.



Services customized to your needs and budget so you never over-pay for a service you didn’t need

Lucy’s pressure washing services are tailored to each business owners needs. Whether you need your entire warehouse cleaned out or just the over-head awning, we can accommodate any pressure cleaning needs you may have.

BBQ Cleaning – Keeping Your BBQ Clean and Working Right So You Can Spend More Time Enjoying It

At one point, we’ve all opened the BBQ only to realize it was filthy. Whether it’s left over food from last week’s use (or last years use!), or dirt and grim blown in from a dusty day, a dirty BBQ can make our food taste bad, be unhealthy and cause damage over time to the grill itself. Let Lucy’s take care of your BBQ cleaning with our safe, effective process. Our staff will use the right tools and cleaning solutions to keep your family and BBQ safe so you can enjoy more of your free time.