Water Damage Remediation



Protecting Your Valuables with Quick, Thorough Water Damage Remediation

Dealing with a flood, broken pipe, etc. is stressful. It can seem overwhelming, especially at first. Let us take the stress away with our proven, straight-forward process for water removal. Our trained staff will quickly identify the order of remediation and get started ASAP, minimizing the damage and getting your home back to how you want it.

24/7 Phone Service Ensures a Quick Response When You Need It Most

We know emergencies often happen after-hours. That’s why Lucy’s cleaning service proudly provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re experiencing water damage – whether you’ve just noticed it now, or it’s been sitting for a while – call us for help.

24 hours


Immediate Help Protecting Undamaged Belongings Until Clean-Up is Complete

As soon as you call Lucy’s, we will send out help. We will help you protect your belongings that haven’t been damaged and start working on your items that did take a hit. There’s no need to go through the process alone, wondering what can be saved and what can’t. Our training means we can help you identify solutions with a step-by-step process for saving more of your beloved items – and even rooms.

State-of-the-Art detection Equipment So Nothing is Missed

When we show up for water removal and site clean-up, we use special equipment to ensure we don’t miss any water. We know how damaging left-over water can be, both to your home and to your health. We don’t take any chances. Our proven process and specialized equipment mean you’re getting thorough clean-up, and can get back to enjoying your home quickly.

Nothing is Missed, Keeping You and Your Family Safe from Mold and Rot

Our powerful water removal equipment ensures no more damage is caused from hidden, unnoticed water. Our top-quality vacuums remove water from hard to reach areas. That’s important, because hard to reach areas are generally stagnant areas where water tends to sit and develop into mold and bacteria. Lucy’s Cleaning uses the best equipment and process for the job so that doesn’t happen.

We Sanitize Everything, So You Don’t Have to Handle Unhealthy Bacterial Growth in Your Home

Once the water is properly removed, we take stock of what items were effected. Each piece is cleaned and sanitized, preventing any unhealthy bacteria from remaining in your home. No matter what the cause of the water damage – flood waters, extensive rain, or a burst pipe, we can make your home safe and clean again.

We Talk Directly to Your Insurance Agent to Take Some of the Pressure off You

Dealing with the cleanup is tiring – so is dealing with insurance. We help in everyway we can and one of those ways is by speaking directly to your insurance agent. We provide the details they need to complete your claim without you having to spend all day on the phone.