High Quality Window Cleaning Services in Calgary and Area


Lucy’s window cleaning leaves behind a sparkling clear window that brightens your home

Our highly-detailed window cleaning services ensure that your windows are left glittering, every time. Homeowners tend to get used to looking out of cloudy, dirty windows but you will be amazed how much brighter your home feels with clean windows.



All window cleaning completed by skilled workers for a streak-free shine

Our workers know what it takes to clean a window to our high standards. Over time, we have developed and perfected techniques that allow us to effectively and efficiently clean windows in record timing. Regardless of how hard it is to reach the window, you can guarantee that you will be looking out of a perfectly clear pane of glass. Leave the buckets and ladders to us, and watch the transformation!

Window Cleaning


We only use the best products for maximum clean

Let’s face it – some products just don’t work. But Lucy’s tried and tested products ensure that each of your windows will be cleaned with the best possible product for the job.

Window Cleaner


Our prices are affordable so you’ll never have to overpay for a service

Our fixed-rate prices offer homeowners an affordable option so you know exactly how much it will cost without any hidden or surprise fees.


No window is out of reach – we take care of condos, bungalows, cottages and more

No matter how big or small or tough to reach your windows are, Lucy’s cleaners will make sure they are dazzling when we are done. If it’s a doubled-paned window, we take it apart and wash both sides for a true clean, no smudges or missed spots, period.