Powerful Tile and Grout Cleaning in Calgary and Area


Tile Cleaning


Our deep clean steamers return your dull, grimy tiles to their original shiny state

Your tiles add style and value to your home, but over time, neglected tiles can start to lose their shine due to built up grime that household cleaners just can’t get. To maintain a clean and fresh appearance, your tiles require periodic professional cleaning. Our powerful steamers can penetrate through dirt for effective removal of soil to leave behind a sheen that lasts.



Impress your guests with tiles that shine

Nothing is worse than having nit-picky guests over who can’t help but point out some missed dust on the shelf or crumbs on the floor. But one of the best ways to impress any guest is with sparkling, polished tiles that show how much you respect and value your home. Let even the strictest neighbours over to inspect your tiles and grout after we’re done: we’re sure they’ll be amazed at how beautiful they look!

Hard Surface Cleaning that Protects as it Cleans

No matter what the hard surface needing cleaned is, Lucy’s skilled staff have the right products and training to safely, and thoroughly protect and clean your surface. Our attention-to-detail means nothing is missed and our training means we use the right product for the job. Whether it’s granite that needs cleaned and sealed, or windows that need to be washed without leaving a film that blocks your view – we will do it right. 

Skilled cleaners ensure your home receives the attention it deserves

Our trained cleaners tape off delicate areas such as wood and baseboards to keep them protected, and because our steamers do not have any overspray, you can be sure that none of your valuables will be damaged by the high-pressured steam.

Steam Cleaner


We only use state of the art steam cleaning machines for effective, deep cleaning

Lucy’s has access to some of the most advanced cleaning equipment in the industry, and that includes our powerful steam cleaners for tiles and grout. They use high-pressured, hot steam to penetrate into the pores of the tiles to remove even the most stubborn of dirt and kill harmful bacteria.

We make sure that no soap residue is left behind for a healthy and safe clean

The first step in our tile cleaning process is to pre-treat the area with an effective enzyme to help break down organic soil. We then use hot pressurized steam to blast out any particles from within the pores of your tiles and deep within the grout for a true deep-clean. The final step is to rinse the floor with clean, sanitizing water and immediately remove any leftover water by suction. This leaves behind a polished floor with no leftover cleaning agents that’s ready to be used.